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 poust-skin-tar.jpg (77504 bytes)

Item: Poust-e-Tar (Skin) Real Skin not Syntatic

Price: $55


Tar-Setar-Pardeh.jpg (15765 bytes)

Item: Pardeh (for Tar, Setar, Kamoncheh),

Price: $15 Each

Santour-Achar.jpg (16643 bytes)

Item: Aachar-e-Santour (Santour Tuning Tool)

Price: $19 Each

Item: Sym-e-Setar

Price: $29 (Set of 4 Strings)


Item: Kharak-e-Santour (Bridge)

Price: $9 Each

Item: Sym-e-Santour (String)

Price: $29 Covers one row

Tombak-Poust.jpg (116325 bytes) Item: Poust-e-Tombak / Tonbak (Skin) Standard size about 10" in diameter Extended size is $69.

Price: $55

Item: Sym-e-Tar (String)

Price: $29 (Set of 4 Strings)


Violin-Bridge.jpg (6863 bytes)

Item: Kharak-e-Violin(Bridge)

Price: $9 Each


Violin-Sym.jpg (10634 bytes)

Item: Sym-e-Violin

Price: $25 Each


Setar-Bridge.jpg (9124 bytes)

Item: Kharak-e-Setar (Bridge)

Price: $9 Each


Item: Gooshi-e-Tar/Setar

Price: $19 Each


Tar-Pol.jpg (10037 bytes) Item: Karak-e-Tar (Bridge)

Price: $19 Each

Item: Halgheh-e-Daf (Rings)

Price: $10 Set of 20 Rings



 Santour-Mezran-Case.jpg (24358 bytes)

Item: Mezrab-e-Santour (Hammer) & Case

Price: $49 Each

Supper/Professional Quality available for $69 with Hard Case

Item: Mezrab-e-Santour (Hammer)

Price: $29 Each without hard case

Supper/Professional Quality available for $49 without Hard Case

Setar-Tar-Mezrab.jpg (8286 bytes)

Item: Mezrab-e-Setar/Tar 

Price: $9 Each


Symtab.jpg (76472 bytes)

Item: Sym-Pich-e-Tar/Setar/Santour

Price: $29

Rubber-Strips.jpg (19080 bytes)

Item: Tar or Setar Mezrab

Price: $7 Each


Item: Mezrab-e-Setar

Price: $12 Each